A stunning design which Stands 10 ft tall and covers 15 inches in width a symbol of progress and peace.

Kiosk approach is to revolutionalise the way of safety and by keeping Kiosk across public places .

Kiosk focues on Proactive Measures, possibilities of avoiding/stopping crime and involve people to come together to build harmony and peace.

Safe City | Reduce Crime | Increase Vigilance | Connect People

KIOSK Features

Panic Button

Help request will be sent to Police, Hospitals, Fire Brigade, KIOSK Volunteer just by one click.

Live Streaming

Public cameras is always on and on live streaming where people can always keep an eye on vicinity.

Push 2 Talk

Pus2Talk will act as communication bridge between the public and government, media and other organisations

Public Announcement

Public Announcement System will allow Police to address any emergency situation to public.

Volunteer System

Each KIOSK will have a Volunteer Support Network, who will be available at emergency situations.

Web Dashboards

Exclusive Web dasboards for monitring and accesing Panic Button, Public Announcement and Push2Talk features

Battery Backup

Kiosk has battery backup upto 8 hours of standby time during power failures.

PTZ Camera

Enhances the remote video monitring with Zoom, Focus, Rotate and Tilt features.


Improvement in Communication

  • Improved availability of Authorities and organization to enforce law and order, Medical Support, Information windows
  • Improved is accessibility to reach authorities
  • Faster process to seek assistance and help during distress
  • Better availability of Communication mechanism between authorities and People Acts as an access point for: Police | Medical | Emergency | Commutation | Municipal corporation | Awareness (Common man Empowerment)
  • To overcome the huge difference in current ratio of Man to Police (1,00,000 :125) & Doctors to People ( 1:1000 - prescribed by the World Health Organisation)

An Utility for City

  • Enhanced planning and support for operations
  • Mobile systems for improved safety of officers in the field
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Better coordination and collaboration within and between agencies

Police, fire departments and the military can leverage smart analytics to identify and capture data relevant to homeland and national security. They can combine information from multiple sources to create a complete picture of the situation they face. In particular, police departments can employ the latest traffic reports and information building plans and maps for their activities – updated in real time.


KIOSK at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Nashik:

KIOSK at City Center Mall, Nashik:

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Upcoming Features

Traffic and Vehicle analysis

Air pollution monitoring

Solar Enabled power

E - Vehicle Charging

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