What we Do

A conscious and religious efforts with scientific techno advancement and Hi-tech to be change and bring one. We focus on solving real time problems with ease of use to users by creating amazing, outstanding, design aesthetic innovative novelty technology and products.

At Great Mission

Our Mission

To be the people centric and innovate technologies which would be easy to use with great design aesthetics, encouraging connectivity amongst the people and empower individually to see things differently by introducing HOYO, HOYO-J , BUZZO , AMS a technological advancement product in the field of wearable, Off grid connectivity’s and medical. We believe in endorsing humans and connectivity together to collaborate relate build a bond and be a change to bring one

Human device Human connectivity to change the way we live, we see the world momentum of mesh networks and its ability and power to make a change

Formula: Humans + Natural resource = Seamless connectivity


Our Objective

KoDwell By Virtue novelty technology able to connect human and resolve current problems, enhance systems, utilities and products to have a better ora, feel comfort and statutory around us. KoDwell launches its first sales in Europe, UK and USA as first quarter 2018 and by end of Last quarter predominately expanding to MEA and ASIA region.

Taking technological and innovation collaborations with research units, organizations and other sectors in the industry to perform, achieve goal together and enhance the quality of life. KoDwell is already working with few government like Europe and USA to bring out the best technology to common masses, along with substantial contribution for our moral and social responsibilities to get URBAN and RURAL connectivity to march towards globalization hand in hand.

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